Color Video Pipe Inspections

Sanitary sewer & perimeter Drain Line Video Inspections, High pressure water jet flushing, and power snaking.
There are great cost saving advantages from a colour video camera inspection.

The ability to use a colour video camera will reduce the unnecessary digging of ground when attempting to locate a broken pipe. We can video from either an installed Inspection Chamber at property line. An installed Sump for the perimeter drainage system. An installed Sanitary Sewer cleanout inside the House or building. Or a toilet entry point inside the house or building. We can also snake all drains with our specialized pipe cleaning equipment. Or back flush, using our specialized high pressure water flushing equipment.

This water jet flushing can be done both outside or inside of a home or business, on the inside, we can bring in our hose reel cart, And leave the powered pressure unit outside. By utilizing our foot operated control unit we have the ability to provide extreme water pressure to the line that is requiring cleaning.  We also can do precise locations of any blockage or breaks in the Storm or Sanitary Sewers, This can be done above ground, using electronic radio frequency locators in conjunction with the colour camera head  that is placed inside of the pipe. This will enable us to get an exact spot on location before any digging is undertaken. Thus reducing the cost to the customer.

We have the ability to obtain all service locations that are recorded on asbuilt plans, or other planning maps that all cities or municapalities are required to keep records of.

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