Inspection Chambers

We can install Inspection Chambers on either storm and sanitary sewer systems, or both.
Advantages and Benefits of installing inspection chambers on sanitary or storm sewer systems.

There are many advantages and benefits for homeowners using Inspection chambers including:

  • Easy identification of sewer locations.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to call-outs where private property owners claim a municipal blockage.
  • Repairs without costly or unsightly damage to property.
  • Easy access for flushing or rodding of sewer system.
  • Access for inspection, allowing the municipality to determine if the blockage is on the municipality's property or on private property.
  • Access for inspection in situations of infiltration problems, root build up or root control.

We supply unplugged Inspection Chambers for systems that are tested by

We can install an attractive cast iron Inspection Chamber lid for asphalt and concrete surface applications, or can install a colour coded plastic lid for lawn or landscaped surface applications.

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